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Face the day with face cream

Did you know that applying daily moisturizer will leave your skin feeling lighter, smoother and protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays?

Applying moisturizer daily keeps your skin hydrated, resulting in smooth clearer skin which provides a silky and smooth base for your make-up.

Daily moisturizer may not make your wrinkles disappear, but it will make them appear less noticeable. Because the skin is hydrated, make up will not cluster in your wrinkles and lines, giving you a fresher and younger look.

face cream Face the day with face cream

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Snapshots of Your Healthy Journey with My Healthy

Some people believe taking pictures of yourself, also known online as “selfies”, is selfish and vain. The thing is, selfies can be a source of empowerment. My Healthy supports this idea with improving people’s lives through snapshots and inspiring individuals to start dieting and exercising. The outer appearance after losing the pounds is just an added benefit. The overall health of an individual is important since obesity increases the risks of diabetes, high blood pressure, and joint and back pain. That is why the obesity issue is being addressed at the My Healthy Campaign. My Healthy is a campaign dedicated to informing the public of the obesity epidemic, while educating people on what can be done to resolve it. It emphasizes the importance of making small changes while making it easier on our bodies.

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Model agencies to raise awareness of sunbed dangers

Tanning bed solrium at health club spa

It was recently reported that anti-sunbed campaigns will be recruiting leading model agencies to increase awareness about the dangers of sunbeds. The campaigns’ aim is to make heavy tans unfashionable as more and more people are ignoring skin cancer risks. Did you know that Cancer Research UK found more than one in four sunbed users […]

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DIY Bath Salts and Scrub

Citrus Bath Salts_

Bath salts are a good pampering treat when bathing. While there are a lot of good bath salts available in the market, others can be chemically-treated or are way too expensive. Choosing the wrong chemically treated bath salts can decrease the therapeutic effects, so some people like to make them from home instead. You can […]

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What is The Precision Spectra™ SCS System?


Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS) is a powerful hope for those who suffer from chronic pain on a daily basis. Spinal cord stimulation,  is a reversible therapy that transfers electrical impulses that trigger nerve fibers along the spinal cord. As a result, masks the pain messages that travel to the brain and releases a soothing, tingling […]

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BestSellers for V Day

V Day

So it’s that time of year girls when we have to begin giving our fellas subtle hints of what we would like for valentines day. If you are struggling what beauty treats to hint about, here is a list of our top 5 beauty products that will really make you feel fabulous this valentines day … […]

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Perfection in a bottle

Chanel No5

Chanel No5 was the first perfume launched by Parisian couturier ‘‘coco’’ Chanel, and is considered as the world’s most famous perfume. And no wonder, its rich scent with hints of ylang-ylang, amber and may rose leaves you feeling exquisite and luxurious. Introduced in the 1920s, the fragrance has been described as a ‘stayer,’ not only […]

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3 tips on how to avoid shaving rash


Shaving rash is the most common problem caused by shaving. It can be unpleasant and not to mention embarrassing. As Spring is on the horizon, it is the perfect time to start removing unwanted hair. It is an activity that is loathed by both men and women, but here are 3 tips on how to get […]

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Tips on how to protect your skin in winter


We are still experiencing this cold and dull winter, and so is your skin. It is important to take care of your skin in these harsh conditions, so read on and find out how to keep your skin looking radiant and feeling fresh and what products to stay clear from.

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Top 12 Ways to Store your Jewelry


Jewelry can be pretty messy in case you have many of the items in your collection. Heck, they are messy even if you have just few of them. There is wide range of decorative jewelry cases available, but for me this just seems old fashioned. In today’s article i collected 12 best pictures showing most […]

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